When you are injured on the property of another due to a failure to maintain the building or property in a safe and useable manner, you may have a right to legal action. A property owner has a legal duty to make sure that their property is safe by:

1. Fixing any known hazards or
2. Placing warning signs and/or barriers around hazards to protect invitees from potential harm.
Examples of property hazards that may support a legal claim:

  • Slip and falls;
  • Unsafe stairwells, hand rails and guard rails;
  • Collapsing balconies;
  • Dangerous swimming pools, hot tubs or playground equipment;
  • Broken or poorly maintained sidewalks and parking lots; or
  • Lack of proper lighting, broken windows or locks or missing safety features.

Many times your injury may be the result of an accident. However, if the property owner failed to correct a dangerous condition on their property which they either knew about or should have known about then even the victim of an accident may be eligible for legal compensation.

Cole | Reichek will help evaluate whether your injury supports a lawsuit and will help you file and litigate your claim to recover your medical bills and out of pocket expenses.